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Bounty Hunter

Dear Friends, we deeply believe that you are full of passion with life & fashion and you are willing to share joyness and niceness with your friends. Sensationofnight as a professional online retailer is dedicated to Sexy Lingeries, Fashion Dresses, Swimwear, Costumes and so on. Now, we are providing you an amazing make money plan on internet by sharing good things with your friends. Let's get started!
First of all, Please Register on to be a member.

Promotion Plans:

Note: All promotional campaign will be valid under awareness of Sensationofnight. To post review or video without notice, Sensationofnight is rightful to refuse any payment. Rewards will be paid after our reviewing of your post which should exist for over one monthAll rewards are basically defined according to your blog or platform account followers and your post influence. 

Recommend on your facebook. Post a sale promotions, comments or pictures about our products.
Requirements: Fans over 3000 
Rewords: $30-150 / Month

Promote our featured products with your pinterest account, or Pin our porducts from Share our products with your friends and followers.
Requirements: Followers over 5000
Rewards: $30-150 / Month

C: Tumblr
It is joyful to share fascinating images on Tumblr, isn't it? Now, you can share our products on your Tumblr to earn freebies or money.
Requirements: Followers over 2000
Rewards: $30-150 / Month

D: Video Plan
We are asking you to help us to produce a quite imaginative video with your own style for our site/product promotion.
Requirements: Subscriber over 1000
Rewards: Freebies / $10-40 / Video

E: Blog
Would I get stunning freebies? Positive! Post a product review to share fashion clothing from Sensationofnight will help you to get it.
Requirements: Own blog established over 1 year; subscribers over 1000
Rewards: Freebies / $10-40 / Post

F: Forum
Post leads in Forum to introduce our website,products and promotion activities.
Requirements: Forum owner, moderators or at least senior member
Rewards: $5-50 / Topic (Or Unlimited Plan, Need forum details)

Payment Method: Paypal
Usually we use paypal to pay your bounty. If you'd like,you can choose equal-valued products on our site as rewards. Free shipping!

Basic Requirements:

1.The Blog, Platform account and Forum must be related to fashion,clothing,beauty,make up and women.
2.The Posts and Reviews should be contained links of our homepage or specified pages as we required.
3.The Video must be the introduction and reviews of our website or products.
4.The Pictures should be directly linked to our website.

If you have friends who is also interested in this make money plan, please introduce us to them, you will get recommended reward!

We are authorized to use the information of your post.

We may collect photos of your post and related comments for promotion use, such as, putting them on Facebook, Twitter, Official blog and our website.
Without the written agreement from Sensationofnight Ltd., bloggers will not provide the images to third-party for commercial purposes; and without the written agreement from both of Sensationofnight Ltd. and the blogger, any third party is forbidden to use the images for commercial purposes; otherwise Sensationofnight Ltd. will pursue the legal responsibilities of the parties.

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