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Sexy Points Program

What is Sexy Points

What Is Sexy Points?

Sensationofnight Sexy Points is a loyalty program that allows registered customers to earn points with purchases made, through sharing our products with your friends or promoting for Sensationofngiht. As you accumulate points you are entitled to profit more as follow.


How To Profit From Sexy Points?

a. Coupon Exchange.

 Code Type    Required Points

5% Discount Code


10% Discount Code


15% Discount Code


b. Cash Deduction
When you place an order on, you are allowed to use sexy points to deduct order amount with rate of 50 sexy points equal 1USD.

c. Cash Back.
If you have worked hard to promote for Sensationofnight and you have had a lot of sexy points, you are entitled to exchange your sexy points to cash. There is a minimum on withdraw of 2500 sexy points every single time. Every 50 sexy points equals 1USD. We usually send payment with Paypal.

d. Lucky Draw
Do you want to earn more free sexy points? Do you want to get free sexy lingerie or fashion dresses with sexy points? Do you want to know if Lady Lucky is shining on you? Let's roll!


How To Gain Sexy Points?

Firstly, you must register to Your registration makes you eligible to our Sexy Points program.

a. Every new registered customer will gain 100 sexy points automatically.

b. As a registered member of, you can get 10 sexy points free every day by logging in your account. You will find it on the page of Sexy Points - My Account.

c. Each successful order on will help you to gain equivalent sexy points with a certain rate. You will see how much sexy points you can get on each product page.

d. Share your order to gain more sexy points
    1. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram etc. (50-200pints)
        Upon reception of your order, Plz post one or more pictures of our products with you or your female friends modeling them.
    2. Video Review on Youtube.(100-300pints)
        Make a video review concerning on Sensationofnight or the products you purchased. Video duration should be over 3 Mins.

After you post pictures or videos, send us the links, you will gain sexy points after reviewing. Rewards of sexy points will be on the basis of your post quality and promotion impact.

e.Review the product you like on Sensationofnight to earn 10/20 points each. Write a review or comment for the products you like on Sensationofnight, you will gain appropriate sexy points after reviewing. 

f. Share Sensationofnight with your friends. You will gain 100 sexy points at his/her first purchase with your account email as referral.

Please note:

Each costumer may ONLY CREATE ONE ACCOUNT for him/herself. Duplicated accounts are not allowed on Provided anybody registers duplicated accounts on to win sexy points, both accounts will be deleted.

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